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Transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tanks.

1,000 – 10,000 LITRES

The ORCA OST-SERIES is a line of transportable, environmentally friendly, self-bunded (double-walled) fuel storage tanks that offer an efficient solution for on site fuelling and auxiliary fuel supply.

With its fully transportable design and ability to fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously, an OST-SERIES will save you time and can double or triple the run times of your equipment.


The 110% containment of the built-in, weather-proof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.

Locakble Liquid Cabinet

Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fuelling while cabinet is locked.

Liftable Corner Brackets

Liftable by crane and easily stackable (2 high when full and up to 3 high when empty)

Removable Inner Tank

The FuelCube features a removable inner tank for routine maintenance and inspection.

Glavanised Frame

Reliable and secure structure with added protection from bumps, scratches and dents.

Four-way Forklift Pockets

Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility when empty.

Internal Baffles

Designed to maximise stability when handling the tank when full of liquid fuel.

Enhance your ROI, and cut time and costs in one easy step:

Fuel storage tanks in the ORCA OST range:


1,000 Litre Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tank


2,500 Litre Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tank


4,500 Litre Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tank


6,000 Litre Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tank


10,000 Litre Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tank