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Orca Fuel Solutions have a range of fully self-bunded fuel trailers designed for easy and safe transportation of diesel in any industry.

Our self-bunded (double-walled) trailer tanks are UL142-approved for on-road and off-road transport. Fuel storage trailer tanks are well suited as a mobile bowser, travelling around construction sites refuelling all applicable machinery and equipment.  These trailers can also be fitted for use in pit refuelling.

Orca Fuel Solutions’ unique double walled fuel trailers come standard with a lockable fuel equipment cabinet that keeps your equipment secure and captures any accidental drips or spills.

Ideal for use in the Agriculture, Construction, Aviation and Defence Force industries.

Access Hatch

Allows access to inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.

Lifting ‘Eyes’

Four lifting eyes for easy handling (empty/full).

Fuel Equipment Cabinet

Lockable integral equipment cabinet that keeps all equipment secure and captures any accidental drips

110% Bunded

Weatherproof bund ensures safe and environmentally compliant transport and storage.

Internal Baffles

Designed to maximise stability and safety when  handling the tank full of fuel.

Forklift Pockets

Quick and easy maneuvering when
detached from the trailer.