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They say that the killer whale (the Orca), which can be found off the coast of South Africa, is an extraordinary nurturer of their young.

They also work together in a harmonious way, and are known for taking on great white sharks! Their black and white markings are also uniquely symbolic of the way empowerment should be done – side by side, building trust, working together, and occasionally, taking on big prey!

Orca Fuel Solutions is a 100% women-owned and managed business. Our team of extraordinary and experienced women have established Orca Fuel Solutions as the leading self bunded tank supplier in the African market.

Our drive to nurture our young is proudly displayed in our sponsorship of young girls. The Orca group have, for the past 15 years, sponsored and continue to sponsor a number of underprivileged young girls in private education in South Africa. By affording them the opportunity to succeed, we hope to continue and grow the legacy of the development of women-owned and managed businesses across Africa.

“It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela

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