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Continuous fuel supply in order to ensure that generators are running at full load can be a demanding requirement…

Generators consume large quantities of diesel fuel to keep the power on. Virtually every continuous power generator will require the addition of a fuel tank beyond the generator’s day tank. Having a mobile clip-on generator tank with an industrial feed pump set is essential for generators in critical standby applications, such as mines, military camps, hospitals or data centers.

Orca Fuel Solutions has a designed a variety of fuel solutions that have proven to be suited for the power generation industry for years. Fuel storage solutions, like the FuelCube, have been working alongside generators in standby, grid back-up and temporary power solutions for construction projects, hospitality events, and emergency response across the globe. Having transportable fuel storage enables maximum working in remote areas. For multi megawatt power solutions, the Orca containerized series of modular fuel tanks can link together offering the multi tank capacity needed to meet your fuel requirements.

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