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Case Study: Construction in Africa


The safe storage of fuel on construction sites has become extremely important, particularly in the context of the health and safety of workers and the environment, and the equipment we use, including storage facilities, can make a big difference.  Environmental and safety concerns should always be the major drive in making the right choice for your fuel storage solutions.  Regulations and standards are also being strictly enforced.  Old technology fuel storage tanks with constructed bunded walls have proven to be more expensive in the long run, and post construction site rehabilitation is costly and time intensive. Time, safety and capital is vital in the profitability of any construction site.


Orca fuel solutions supplies TransCubes fuel storage tanks to solve construction sites fuel storage needs. The tanks we supply have a wide range of capacities. With integral 110% containment and its transportable design, the Transtanks and TransCubes are the only tanks considered that meet environmental requirements of the construction projects. Our TransCubes are designed with full load lifting eyes, enabling the tank to be craned or lifted onto logistically challenging sites.


Strategically placing fuel tanks on barges eliminated the customer’s need to wait for fuel deliveries, allowing them to fuel their machinery when needed and truly minimize their downtime. Tanks are safely filled on site and transported safely to the equipment, where they swap the empty tank for a full one. This approach eliminated the need for fuelling and potentially spill or contaminate the construction area that can cost the customer  – avoiding the expense of rehabilitating the sites whilst addressing environmental issues.

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