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Case Study: Power Supply to Oil Rig


Cold stacking is where a rig is stored at minimum expense. There will still be a minimum level of attention needed, for example there have to be security staff to prevent vandalism. General inspections, waterproofing and repairs need to be done to avoid the rig becoming dangerous, or for some materials leaking or falling into the ocean. Staff that live on the oil rig have to manage under extreme conditions. Having a diesel generator with a sufficient diesel storage supply is critical in maintaining a constant power supply. The remote nature of the location of oil rigs is often met with very intermittent and unreliable fuel delivery supply.


Orca Fuels’ team designed a UL 142 approved, self-bunded, ISO container, 30 000L diesel storage tank to supply diesel to the main generators. An industrial feed pump set was designed and incorporated into the tank along with an integrated, automatic, tank level gauging system.The entire tank/pump system combined with the safe interlocks, ensured the safe, secure and automated fuel delivery from the main tank to the generators. All pumping equipment, filtration and level gauging was pre-installed into the tank along with the electrical panels and piping. Zero installation was required onsite, besides simply connecting the power to the electrical panel and the connection of the quick couplings between the tank and the generator.


Having a large fuel storage to supply the generator with constant, reliable and safe fuel supply has allowed the staff to stay permanently without the concern of power outages. With uninterrupted power supply, the cold stacking oil rig crew run a much more efficient and effective operation.

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