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Case Study: Fuelling Station for Fleet


A Logistics company situated in Port Elizabeth, was looking for a solution for refuel their busses and taxis. The fleet of taxis and busses provided transport during the Soccer World Cup and to refuel at local fuel stations, often waiting in long lines. This wasted time would deduct valuable travel minutes. This also caused a problem in fuel management and financial reporting on fuel expenses.


Orca Fuel Solutions offered the perfect solution to fit their needs with a O12 above-ground petrol storage tank and a O70 above-ground diesel storage tank with both lockable pump bays that can securely lock up the dispensing equipment. These units offered the bulk capacity that the logistics company needed along with peace of mind for the refuelling of the busses and taxis in a controlled and safe environment. Both tanks were also fitted with a built-in fuel management system to record all fuel transactions accurately.


With a storage tank on-site, drivers now spend more time on the road and less time waiting at fuel stations to refuel the taxis and busses. These on-site fuel storage units also allowed the company to more effectively manage their expenses, report consistently on fuel usage, and unlock major cost savings by purchasing fuel in bulk.

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