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Case Study: Aviation Fuel Distribution


A helicopter service that provided emergency medical transport for the critically ill and injured needed a more efficient and cost-effective method of refuelling after missions. Normally, the helicopters would need to stop at a local airport to refuel before returning to their hangar. This process wasted valuable time, as the refuelling process took 20 minutes to complete on top of the time spent in transit. Also, the extra mileage increased maintenance requirements significantly over the life of the helicopter.


In order to aid the helicopter service with their fuelling needs, a TransCube fuel tank was provided that they could keep at their hangar. The 30TCG was tailored for aviation fuelling. These accessories were housed in a custom steel pump box.


Having the TransCube located at the hanger reduced unnecessary downtime—around 30 minutes per mission—by removing the need to travel to and from the local airport. In addition to time and efficiency improvements, the on-site fuel led to significant savings in maintenance costs over the life of each helicopter, and a direct cost-saving of around R 4,255 ($265) in jet fuel fees a time. The helicopter service’s Aviation Base Manager stated, “There are savings in time, fuel and maintenance cycles,” because of the TransCube.

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